A Level Engraving for Percussion Revolvers and Kirst Conversions

a engraving left side

Ken’s Engraving, a member of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America, is offering a very affordable price and great turnaround time on a series of special engraving designs for Kirst Konverter customers. This engraving is only done on percussion revolvers and Kirst Konverters.

Engraving can be done in steps by starting with A level engraving coverage for $400, then adding B engraving for $400, and finally adding C engraving for an additional $400; to make the engraving process work with your budget. Of course, you can always choose any level of engraving that you wish and have it done all at once, which will save you both time and shipping costs. You can select A level engraving coverage for $400, B level coverage for $800 or C level coverage for $1,200.

a engraving right side

Our A level engraving coverage starts by engraving the sides of the frame and flows into the sides of the trigger guard and backstrap. Then it is nicely balanced off by engraving the back of the barrel lug and part way down the barrel on each side.

This provides you with a beautiful hand-engraved revolver and adds value and character to your prized percussion revolver and Kirst Konverter. Please view the depth and quality of the hand-engraving done by our Texas engraver in the photos below. Contact Ken at (972) 399-9591 or click on Ken’s Engraving.

a engraving barrel left side
a engraving barrel right side
a engraving frame left side
a engraving barrel left side