Dance Brothers .45 Colt cartridge conversion for Pietta revolvers

Dance Brothers Revolver

The Dance Brothers revolver was made in Texas back in 1862, for the Confederacy, during the Civil War. The .45 Colt conversion for the Pietta made Dance Brothers revolver uses the exact same Konverter as the 1860 Colt Army. However, to convert the Pietta Dance revolver to .45 Colt you need to remove 120 thousandths of an inch from the breech end of the barrel. Note that the original Dance percussion cylinder will no longer fit, however a Pietta 1860 Army percussion cylinder will fit.

Kirst Konverter is currently the only company offering a cartridge conversion for the Dance revolver. Kirst Konverter offers barrel fitting for the Dance conversion, plus the option of having the Konverter professionally installed; which includes milling a loading port in the side of the frame and checking the timing. Centerfire Kirst Konverters can be dry-fired without damage, plus all Kirst Konverters have a lifetime no BS warranty.

To order a Pietta .44 caliber Dance Brothers percussion revolver click HERE

The .45 Colt Kirst Konverter will allow you to fire both the .45 Long Colt and the shorter .45 Schofield cartridges. The .45 Colt converter is designed with safety notches between chambers, so you can safely carry five rounds of .45 Long Colt or .45 Schofield ammo and it is legal for SASS and NCOWS shooting events.

Dance Konverter
Dance Brothers 45LC

Kirst Konverters for the Dance Brothers revolver are available in .45 LC and .45 Schofield, plus also in .45 ACP; they can fire Standard Pressure and Cowboy Action ammo. Note: The use of jacketed ammo may cause slightly more wear to the bore of the barrel than using lead bullets. Don’t use +P ammo or any other high-pressure ammunition.

NOTE: The SAAMI specification for overall length for the .45 Colt is 1.600 inch. The longest OAL that the Dance Brothers cylinder will accept is 1.58 inch. There are brands of modern Cowboy Action ammunition that have an overall length of 1.58 inch or less. Just make sure your brand of ammo will definitely fit before purchasing it.

No F.F.L. paperwork is required to purchase a Kirst Konverter. All Kirst Konverters carry a lifetime “No B.S.” warranty, plus they are made with pride in the good, old U.S.A.