Machining a loading port and fitting the Kirst Cartridge Konverter

If you're interested in having a loading port cut into the frame of your revolver and/or having your Kirst Konverter custom fitted, you can purchase those services directly from our Online Store at the same time you purchase your Kirst Konverter. Fitting a Konverter doesn't include the timing of the revolver or any additional parts, which may possibly be required, if the timing of the revolvers’ action is incorrect.

Custom Gunsmithing Services

As a custom gunsmithing business we can do just about anything that you want done to enhance and personalize your Old West firearm. Here are some of the main services that we offer:

Professionally Cut Loading Port

If you would like any other
custom gunsmithing done:

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  • Cut a loading port in frame
  • Install ejectors
  • Modify barrel & install sights
  • Barrel linings
  • Action jobs
  • Colt wide trigger modification
  • Remove proof marks
  • Refinishing
  • Classic rust blue finish
  • Charcoal blue finish
  • Fire blue finish
  • Mirror polish finish
  • Period Engraving
Kirst Konverters Custom Fitted