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Colt with 22 Kit

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.22 Caliber Colt Revolver Conversion Kit Fits all of these full size Colt Revolver models:

Pietta 1851 .36cal
Pietta 1851 .44cal
Pietta 1860 .44cal
Pietta 1861 .36cal
Pietta 1862 .36cal

Uberti 1851 .36cal
Uberti 1860 .44cal
Uberti 1861 .36cal

Colt Blackpowder Series 1851 .36cal
Colt Blackpowder Series 1860 .44cal
Colt Blackpowder Series 1861 .36cal

One Konverter will allow the conversion of both .36 caliber and .44 caliber full size percussion revolvers to .22LR. There is a .36 caliber barrel adapter and a .44 caliber adapter bushing in the kit, along with adjustment washers allowing you to adjust the cylinder to barrel gap for any of the full size Colt models. If you own multiple percussion revolvers, one Konverter can easily be moved from gun to gun.

22 Colt Revolver Kit All Parts

Even better: You do not need to remove the cylinder to load and unload, and there is no frame modification needed. Take out the percussion cylinder, slip in this Konverter and you’ve converted to .22LR in minutes! The Colt .22 Conversion Kit with its internal loading port lets you load quickly; no modification of the gun is needed, because the loading port is built right into the Konverter assembly.

Sale ends Feb. 19, 2019

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