Kirst Konverters are for Pietta, Uberti and Colt percussion revolvers.

The Kirst Konverter® installs in your Cap & Ball revolver and converts it to fire cartridge ammunition, just like the original conversion revolvers commonly used to settle the frontier, in the days of the Old West.

Hello, my name is Walt Kirst and I invented the Kirst Cartridge Konverter® back in the 1990’s to add a new dimension of enjoyment for folks who were interested in shooting Civil War and Old West replica firearms and those who just wanted to own a unique revolver that was customized to show their style.

The Kirst Konverter® gives you the option to switch your favorite Cap & Ball replica revolver to fire cartridges and then switch it back simply by changing cylinders. Kirst Konverters® are precision CNC machined from 4140 steel and heat-treated for strength and durability by skilled machinist right here in the good old USA. Kirst Cartridge Konverters™ are rated "For Black Powder or equivalent loads only," which includes the smokeless, light target loads used in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Walt & Jon Kirst

In memory of Jon Kirst, Founding Partner

Kara & Jay Strite

In 2010, I took on partners Kara and Jay Strite (Raven’s Roost  Gunsmithing) to help expand my product line, to offer in-store gunsmithing services, and also to custom-build, one-of-a-kind revolvers. Kirst Konverters® are now available for a large variety of reproduction revolvers including the Colt Open Tops like the Walker, Dragoons, Navy, and Army revolvers, plus the Ruger Old Army, as well as the ’58 Remington New Model Army and Navy revolvers.

Caution: Ammunition must be loaded with lead bullets and a low-pressure, powder charge not to exceed 1000 feet per second velocity. Do not use the Kirst Konverter® in revolvers with a brass frame (except for .22 caliber rimfire Konverters.) Be careful to never install a .44 or .45 caliber Kirst Konverter® in a revolver with a .36 caliber barrel.

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